• Bone density
  • Repair of bones, muscles, and tendon injuries
  • Sleep quality
  • Blood circulation
  • Improve immune function and energy level
  • Healthier cellular membrane permeability and function
  • Cellular energy, respiration, detoxification, and regeneration
  • Blood and tissue oxygenation
  • Uptake/absorption of nutrients
  • Stimulate mitochondria and ATP production
  • RNA and DNA replication
  • Reduction of pain, inflammation, scar tissue formation and platelet adhesion

(Pulse Electric Magnetic Field)

Application of non-invasive magnetic field to effectively and gently activate cell RENEWAL by improving blood supply, increasing oxygenation, and restoring chemical equilibrium. The beneficial magnetic energy field emitted restores health and vitality to all the cells in the body allowing you to feel more energy throughout the day and improve your sleep at the night.

The Therapeutic PEMF harnesses the power of magnetic fields at 10,000 to 23,000 Gauss to deliver advantageous, health enhancing EMFs and frequencies to the cells providing pain relief and accelerate the healing and repair process of injured and weakened cells. This particular process involves directing powerful, pulsed energy waves toward injured or poor functioning areas of the patient’s body to restore the balance of impaired intra cellular chemistry. These sound waves painlessly and quickly penetrate through the cells, tissues, and organs creating a favorable negative ionic charge that improves cellular membrane integrity and permeability. This process allows a significant increased amount of cellular energy, respiration, and mitochondria (power houses of the cells) function to sustain, fortify, and promote renewal of the cells in the body.

Recommendation: to be combined with Laser Therapy and Acoustic Wave Therapy to enhance their treatment results.