A Holistic Approach to Improving Mens Overall Health

Services to Help Mens Health and Erectile Dysfunction


The Healthy Male Program was designed with Men in mind. The Healthy Male Program uses holistic services proven in multiple studies to enhance mens health and help reduce certain problems such as erectile dysfunction. Many reports have been issued stating that certain holistic services have been known to improve male sexual performance and keep the penis healthy as men age. There are many benefits to the holistic approach towards mens health and erectile dysfunction such as:

– Not having to take expensive prescriptions
– No harmful side effects
– Completely surgery free
– Non-invasive
– No downtime
– Addresses the root cause of erectile dysfunction – poor blood flow.


References & Research:
– Hyperbaric oxygen can induce angiogenesis and recover erectile function.

– Shockwave Therapy may change future of Erectile Dysfunction therapy.

– How lower back pain leads to erectile dysfunction.

– Red Light Therapy and Erectile Dysfunction.


Below are the services included in the Healthy Male Program.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Oxygenation therapy to help repair and regenerate new body tissue, improve blood flow and can help induce angiogenesis and recover erectile function.

Full Body Light Therapy

Full Body Photobiomodulation Light Therapy naturally enhances and increases testosterone production and has been shown to help Erectile Dysfunction.

Miracle Wave Therapy

Also called Shockwave Therapy, helps the formation of new blood vessels to enhance blood flow and has been proven to help Erectile Dysfunction.

Decompression Table

Relieves nerve compression in the lower back area to help with back pain and address Erectile Dysfunction.