Viora Skin Tightening & Body Sculpting

Viora™ is the ONLY Full Body Platform for the Body & Face for complete head-to-toe contouring, skin tightening, body sculpting, cellulite reduction and so much more.

The Viora system is one of the world’s leading medical systems for skin tightening & body sculpting. Loose skin can feel like a hard-to-beat problem for many people at some stage in life, particular as we grow older.

Anti-Aging Youthful Skin Program

Have healthy youthful skin and look your best at any age. We incorporate non invasive modalities to naturally restore collagen loss, tone laxed facial muscles and rejuvenate sun damaged or aged skin texture.

There is nothing more beautiful than our individual uniqueness. Now you can have healthy, youthful skin and look your best at any age. We can help to restore the unique beauty nature originally gifted you. Feel your best. Look your best. You are beautiful. Live your beauty.

While we cant stop people from getting older everyday, we can help you to continuously produce a healthy and abundance of collagen. To achieve a healthy collagen production and a youthful vibrant complexion, a comprehensive approach has to be taken, starting with caring for the inside of the body by giving it proper organic nutrition, avoiding consumption of toxic foods and substances, balancing hormones, getting deep sleep, appropriate exercise, and sufficient hydration. Healthy collagen production also requires healthy gut function, stress management, collagen boosting supplements, safe skin care and sun screen, and using the help of non invasive treatments to effectively boost collagen and elasticity to strengthen facial/neck skin and muscles. Schedule a consultation to discuss your best options to a younger and healthier face.

Anti-Cellulite Treatments

After puberty, roughly 90 percent of women start to develop cellulite. Cellulite is a nagging, frustrating and discouraging problem for most women, even for those who work hard at staying fit. Cellulite is not just a fat problem, it is primarily a skin problem because it is made up of fat cells that reside deep within the skin and fat cannot be burned as energy. Dieting and exercise alone will not eliminate cellulite.

Cellulite is mainly caused by a genetic condition which promotes the formation of scar (fibrotic) tissue to strangulate fats cells, compress lymphatic drainage, and limit blood flow and nutrients to the skin. This results in the stiffening and hardening of connective tissue which pulls the skin downward creating the dimpled, orange-peel like skin texture. In addition, fluid retention due to an inefficient lymphatic drainage system and weakened veins combined with fibrotic tissue results in permanent cellulite formation. Additionally, hormonal imbalance plays a large contributing role in cellulite formation and can cause the development of more fat cells to deposit deep below the skin.

Healthy Male Program

The Healthy Male Program was designed with Men in mind. The Healthy Male Program uses holistic services proven in multiple studies to enhance mens health and help reduce certain problems such as erectile dysfunction. Many reports have been issued stating that certain holistic services have been known to improve male sexual performance and keep the penis healthy as men age. There are many benefits to the holistic approach towards mens health and erectile dysfunction.