Neurotris Microcurrent Face Treatment


  • Sagging skin
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Droopy eye lids
  • Face contouring

Non invasive Pico and micro current applied to the skin for anti-aging effects.

Our non invasive Neurotris, is a professional micro current system, uses the latest advancements in patent pending Dual-Core ISOGEN Pico technology to deliver Micro, Nano and Pico currents to tighten and tone facial muscles and skin. The 6 programs feature oxygenation, lifting, tightening, toning, rejuvenation and building collagen for a non invasive and non surgical face lift and skin rejuvenation to look years younger. The Dual-Core ISOGEN Pico technology uses 4 prong Pico Probes with each prong having its own signal generating system (2 channels). This means that the results are 4 times as great as compared to a single channel system in other face lifting systems. The facial toning features are painless, with no down time required, and effective to take years off a face by reducing wrinkles and lifting loose, and sagging skin on the face and neck.

Recommendation: 10-12 sessions are recommended once a week then monthly for maintenance to see an age reduction effect or just monthly treatments to slow the appearance effects of the aging process.