Neurotris Body Sculpting System


  • Lymphatic drainage (water loss)
  • Muscle building/strengthening and skin tightening (using micro current technology)
  • Improved blood circulation (causes muscle contractions like exercise)
  • Muscle toning (causes muscle flexion and relaxation)
  • Improves weak injured muscle function (re education and muscle training)
  • Promotes healing of injured muscles or painful muscle spasms (increased oxygenation)
  • Boost metabolism (increased muscle activity)
  • Inch loss ( from firmer toned muscles and skin & improved lymphatic drainage)

Non invasive microcurrent used to tightening/skin, tone/build muscle and stimulate lymphatic drainage.

Our non invasive Neurotris Body Sculpting and Muscle Toning/Building System has the unique ability to wrap the electrodes (for electrical conductivity) around the complete circumference of the core muscle to contract, tone and strengthen the entire mid abdominal region much more effectively then doing core exercises. Besides the abdominal region, the Neuotris can also tone buttock, legs, chest, neck and spinal muscles. The treatments mimic and have the sensation of exercise while you are comfortably lying down. There is no pain or down time. At the end of the session, there is inch loss due to the toning of muscles and water loss. With multiple sessions, there can be an increase with muscle mass and muscle metabolism stimulating fat burning.

Recommendation: 2x/week for 12 weeks for body sculpting and core strengthening or once a week combined with Homeopathic HCG detox and hormone balancing program to prevent sagging skin and flaccid muscles during rapid weight reduction.