Anti-Aging Youthful Skin Program

Have healthy youthful skin and look your best at any age. We incorporate non invasive modalities to naturally restore collagen loss, tone laxed facial muscles and rejuvenate sun damaged or aged skin texture.

There is nothing more beautiful than our individual uniqueness. Now you can have healthy, youthful skin and look your best at any age. We can help to restore the unique beauty nature originally gifted you. Feel your best. Look your best. You are beautiful. Live your beauty.

While we cant stop people from getting older everyday, we can help you to continuously produce a healthy and abundance of collagen. To achieve a healthy collagen production and a youthful vibrant complexion, a comprehensive approach has to be taken, starting with caring for the inside of the body by giving it proper organic nutrition, avoiding consumption of toxic foods and substances, balancing hormones, getting deep sleep, appropriate exercise, and sufficient hydration. Healthy collagen production also requires healthy gut function, stress management, collagen boosting supplements, safe skin care and sun screen, and using the help of non invasive treatments to effectively boost collagen and elasticity to strengthen facial/neck skin and muscles. Schedule a consultation to discuss your best options to a younger and healthier face.

Anti-Cellulite Treatments

After puberty, roughly 90 percent of women start to develop cellulite. Cellulite is a nagging, frustrating and discouraging problem for most women, even for those who work hard at staying fit. Cellulite is not just a fat problem, it is primarily a skin problem because it is made up of fat cells that reside deep within the skin and fat cannot be burned as energy. Dieting and exercise alone will not eliminate cellulite.

Cellulite is mainly caused by a genetic condition which promotes the formation of scar (fibrotic) tissue to strangulate fats cells, compress lymphatic drainage, and limit blood flow and nutrients to the skin. This results in the stiffening and hardening of connective tissue which pulls the skin downward creating the dimpled, orange-peel like skin texture. In addition, fluid retention due to an inefficient lymphatic drainage system and weakened veins combined with fibrotic tissue results in permanent cellulite formation. Additionally, hormonal imbalance plays a large contributing role in cellulite formation and can cause the development of more fat cells to deposit deep below the skin.

Healthy Male Program

The Healthy Male Program was designed with Men in mind. The Healthy Male Program uses holistic services proven in multiple studies to enhance mens health and help reduce certain problems such as erectile dysfunction. Many reports have been issued stating that certain holistic services have been known to improve male sexual performance and keep the penis healthy as men age. There are many benefits to the holistic approach towards mens health and erectile dysfunction.

Homeopathic Fat Reduction

Our goal is to support you taking control of your health with noninvasive solutions for a lifetime change. We are able to recommend a safe and effective treatment protocol custom tailored to your goals within your timeframe and lifestyle to achieve optimal health, regardless of whether your goal is to reduce inches, contour and sculpt your body, reduce weight, reduce fatty deposits, reduce inches, slim your waistline, increase muscle definition or strengthen your core.

By rebalancing your body’s chemistry, weight loss and/or improved weight management becomes nearly effortless. Why wait until you are sick when you are able to make powerful changes NOW for a healthier body and increased energy and vitality.

With many companies and products claiming to sculpt your body for a younger looking appearance, we take the opposite approach. We have found the most effective cutting edge and noninvasive FDA approved medical devices that improve the condition and appearance of everyone regardless of age, size, shape, and genetics.

Pain Rehab

Our goal is to provide a non-invasive comprehensive holistic approach to the healing and transformation of pain, restrictions, constrictions, and obstructions caused by trauma, injury, over use, misuse, and age-related degenerative conditions. We offer effective and efficient technology to stabilize, repair, rehabilitate, restore, regenerate, and sustain healthy brain, neurological and cellular function when you need to recover from trauma or improve quality of life living with a chronic condition at any age. Aging is a degenerative process and typically is harsh on our body. At Innovative Body Concepts, we address the core issues of aging and provide non-invasive holistic solutions to support therapeutic healing, healthy aging, and longevity. Schedule a consultation to discuss your treatment options to heal your body and improve the quality of your precious life.

Peak Brain Performance

Using the latest methods, we are able to measurably improve brain performance without drugs, talk-therapies, or invasive procedures. While most people have normal brain function, they still have brain imbalances and disruptive emotions that affect their day-to-day lives. Brain mapping, brain neurofeedback, and brain entrainment can help.

Brainwaves are the electrical impulses produced by brain cells communicating and they tell us a great deal about your emotional state, thought patterns, stress levels, underlying mood and overall brain functions. Brain mapping uses sensors on the scalp to measure and monitor this activity. With Brain core’s analysis software, we can identify what specific activity is giving rise to your symptoms.

With Brain Core’s analysis software, we can identify the specific brain activity giving rise to your symptoms. Once the areas of concern have been identified, we create a plan to train your brain with direct biofeedback and exercises that contribute to a relaxed, efficient state for improvements. Neurofeedback and brain entrainment is an art as well as a science which addresses the deterioration of the aging or traumatized brain and balance brain activity.